MPress Networks

Perfect for those on a tight budget who still require maximum reach, the MPress cooperative networks offer the economy group buying power. Your advertisement will appear in up to 90 Mississippi newspapers at a deeply discounted rate. We offer several programs tailored to fit your need.

Quarter Page Network [QPN]

networksThe Quarter Page Network from MPress enables you to market your product, service or event effectively, easily and economically.

For just $8,495 statewide, you can place a quarter-page ad in over 60 Mississippi newspapers. This is less than half the price you would pay to place the ads directly in participating newspapers. You can also target specific markets within defined North, Central and South regions.

The QPN is a great deal. You would pay more than twice the cost of the ads if you placed them directly…and you would have to make 60 telephone calls, write 60 checks, and mail 60 insertion orders. Click here to learn more.

Interested in a more targeted approach? Check out our Pick 10+ option.

Mississippi Display Ad Network [MDAN]

The Mississippi Display Advertising Network (MDAN) can target your advertising to any area of the state with the economy of group buying power. It’s an affordable, low-cost solution for reaching over 1 million readers in 100 newspapers statewide.

Your small display ad can run in nearly 100 Mississippi newspapers for as little as $1,165. Choose a specific region of the state (north, central or south) and pay as little as $500. We can even place your ad in newspapers out of state.

Call your local, hometown newspaper and speak to your sales representative about taking part in MDAN. Or call MPress; we’re ready to assist you. Click here to learn more.

Mississippi Classified Ad Network [MCAN]

Buying, selling, promoting or hiring? The Mississippi Classified Advertising Network is a cost-effective way to get your message to over 1 million readers throughout Mississippi. Your ad is published once weekly in over 100 newspapers for pennies per day.

Want to reach beyond our borders? No problem. We can get you into any of our 42 sister networks, coast-to-coast. Click here to learn more about MCAN.

Sue Hicks
Business Development Manager